Super Yacht sub for sale

Super Yacht sub for sale

Tuesday, 07 February 2017 19:49

More and more owners of existing or future super yachts are deciding to take a personal submersible on board their vessel. This was unthinkable just a short while ago as submersibles were generally considered too big and heavy for operations from a super yacht. The necessary adjustments to the submersible and the yacht itself were often deemed to be overly complex and costly. Generally, there was also the common belief that operating and maintenance costs were high and that the preparation for actual diving operations were complicated and time-consuming. Since the recent introduction of the Super Yacht Sub 3 (SYS3) the circumstances have completely changed. Market leader U-Boat Worx has overcome all these perceived obstacles with this new submersible. The SYS3 – 1 pilot, 2 passengers – is an extremely compact and safe submersible, specially designed for diving operations from a super yacht. Height and weight are no longer insurmountable complications for a yacht owner to enjoy the subsea realm. With a “footprint” of less than 7.6 m2  the submersible takes very little space on the yacht. The SYS3 is extremely easy and safe to pilotl to a depth of 300 meters. As an added bonus and heightening the guests’ experience, the passengers can fully control the submersible, under direct supervision of the pilot. Preparation time to dive is minimal, and 6 to 7 dives per day without recharging is typical. Maintenance and operating costs are reasonable and the investment in a complete SYS3 – including training, DNV-GL classification and spare parts kit – is now very acceptable thanks to small series production. Once aware of the features and capabilities of SYS3, the owner starts to realize that their super yacht is actually the perfect platform for uncompromised underwater exploration. Super yachts often sail in areas where a fascinating underwater world awaits, especially at greater depths. Why should the owner and guests be limited to fun on the surface when there is a unique habitat to be discovered deep beneath them? Besides one’s personal aquatic aspirations, a submersible aboard charter yachts has also proven to be a very attractive and distinctive addition that increases revenue and boosts charters. Understanding our world’s ecosystem is currently more important than ever before. A personal submersible like the SYS3 has become an indispensable, affordable and sensational accessory to create an opportunity that allows us to enjoy, learn and teach about what covers roughly 70% of our planet’s surface.


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